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Improve Health & Weight Loss

Being a certified By ZYTO  Family Wellness Consultant has taught me that every family and individual has their own unique challenges, requiring a personalized approach to effectively address them and make them have the Balance that their life needs. 

The robust reports combined with the ability to scan clients remotely make the Balance a highly effective turn-key solution for anyone looking to improve client satisfaction and expand their business.
Take your business to the next level

The Balance allows practitioners, network marketers, and distributors alike to provide valuable wellness insights to customers and clients. Regardless of what wellness products you provide, the Balance can help you sell more while helping others make the best decisions for their own health and wellness.

Quick & easy front-office solution

Many practitioners use the Balance system in their front offices. Clients can easily select specific product categories and complete a basic scan that determines products and other wellness services they are biologically coherent with.


More in-depth report information can then be reviewed with the practitioner later if desired.

Determine biological coherence with a simple scan

Using an automated biosurvey & library inventory features, the Balance accomplishes 4 main objectives:

  1. Identifies specific nutritional supplements and essential oils you sell for which your client shows a biological coherence.

  2. Identifies key biomarker areas for which your client may need additional support.

  3. Identifies the clinical services for which your client shows a biological coherence; these may be services that you offer in your practice, or outside services to which you refer them.

  4. Generates future appointments for your practice or business.


Have questions about how to use the ZYTO software or analyze the reports? Our team of experienced coaches can help.

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Wellness Report

See top product Virtual Items and empower clients with easy-to-understand core body system and related lifestyle biomarker data.

Advanced Report

The Advanced Report includes a list of top product Virtual Items and charts of organ, vertebrae, teeth, and TCM meridian biomarker values.

Immunity Report

The Today's Basic Immunity Report displays responses in 6 foundational areas to help you address immune system wellness.

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